Saturday, October 9, 2010

Buxr, a different kind of saving community

I'm just writing to pass the word on about Buxr, an online saving/coupon site I just discovered by way of Frugalista. Like many other sites, Buxr consists of member submissions of coupons and coupon codes, sales and other deals. What sets Buxr apart is that it rewards members who submit the best deals of the day, which is good not only for those contributors but for the site overall since it increases members' incentive to submit their finds. In addition, Buxr also rewards members for voting on other members' deals and other activities. Check it out!



Hello Liz,
You are the winner of my $55 voucher to any of the 200 plus CSN Stores online. Thank you for following my blog , I have also followed you in return. Joycelyn from the CSN Promteam will contact you via email very soon. Be sure to share with me what your purchase was , if you don't mind.
Love Lisa xx

Liz said...


Awesome, thanks so much!!! I will let you know what I get!