Friday, September 24, 2010

There's still time... enter It seams to be sew's big giveaway--but you'd better hurry! For more great giveaways, check out Mariliz's Musings, Things and Stuff, and look for two giveaways over at Bunte Fabrics' blog! Tamera Quilts is also giving away a quilting magazine subscription ending tonight!

Also, thanks are owed to some bloggers whose giveaways I've won recently--thank you to the hosts of MadeOnMaple, StarSparrow, and Calvin without Hobbes for two bags of designer quilting scraps and a CSNstores gift certificate, respectively!

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Anonymous said...

Hey! You're welcome, I'm glad you won! :)
I've been a bad blogger this week, and gotten so busy with preparing for my brother's deployment to Afghanistan in the next few weeks, that I forgot to ship your package. It's been sitting on my table all wrapped and waiting to go! I'm sorry about the delay, and I'll get it in the mail to you by Thursday. I hope you don't mind, I feel badly about the delay.